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The Map of Bones

Book 2 in the Fire Sermon trilogy


Even the ashes of the past cannot hide the truth forever

The Omega resistance has been brutally attacked, its members dead or in hiding.

The Alpha Council’s plan for permanently containing the Omegas has begun.

But all is not entirely lost: the Council’s seer, The Confessor, is dead, killed by her twin’s sacrifice.

Cass is left haunted by visions of the past, while her brother Zach’s cruelty and obsession pushes her to the edge, and threatens to destroy everything she hopes for.

As the country moves closer to all-out civil war, Cass will learn that to change the future she will need to uncover the past. But nothing can prepare her for what she discovers: a deeply buried secret that raises the stakes higher than ever before.

The Fire Sermon


Since the blast that reshaped the earth, only twins are born. The one deemed imperfect is branded at birth and sent away. Twins share nothing but the moment of their death: when one dies, so does the other.

But Cass and her twin, Zach, cannot be separated.

In this scorched and broken world, Cass’s bond with her brother may be the most dangerous thing of all.

Shortlisted for The Morningstar Award (best debut novel) in the 2016 David Gemmell Awards for Fantasy; the 2015 R.T. Book Reviews award (best science fiction novel); the 2016 Norma K Hemming Award; and the 2016 Aurealis Award (best young adult novel)