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British Academy event, 9th Dec

If you’re in or near London, come along on 9th December (6:30pm) to hear me, Sophie Mackintosh (author of The Water Cure), and Season Butler (author of Cygnet). I’m looking forward to chatting with these two terrific writers, and discussing the coals-to-Newcastle challenge of writing dystopian literature in our current political and environmental hellscape. You can book tickets here.

(update: this event is now sold out, but there is a waiting list).

The Forever Ship: release news, & upcoming events

Not long now until the release of the final book in the Fire Sermon trilogy, The Forever Ship, which is coming out (in hardback) on June 29th (in the UK – December 5th in the US). The book has an ominously evocative cover (courtesy of designer Charlotte Abrams-Simpson), and I’m so excited that readers can finally discover the end of Cass and Zach’s story. To read the blurb, or pre-order, you can go here.

The fabulous London bookshop, Goldsboro Books, are once again doing a special, numbered, limited edition. There are only 250 copies, so grab yours quickly here.

London folk: I’ll be doing a reading and Q&A at SRFC (Super Relaxed Fantasy Club) on Tues 30th May. It’s always a fantastic event: relaxed, friendly and chatty – so do come along, have a drink, and say hi. Full details here (NB: advance booking required).

The launch of The Forever Ship will be on June 29th.  Venue (London) and details to be confirmed shortly.

To those who have asked about release dates for other translations, unfortunately I have no control over these, but they are always a considerable time after the English-language publication, as it takes time to translate a novel (and I’m in awe of my talented translators around the world who do this so skilfully). My publishers in individual countries are a better source of this information than I am, I’m afraid.



The Fire Sermon: A cover designer’s perspective (Alexandra Allden)

Yesterday I wrote about the cover design process from the author’s perspective. Today, Alexandra Allden, the wonderful HarperVoyager cover designer who created The Fire Sermon‘s covers, was kind enough to give her point of view on the process of making the beautiful paperback cover: Continue reading The Fire Sermon: A cover designer’s perspective (Alexandra Allden)

Kindle Autumn Sale

If you haven’t yet read my debut novel, THE FIRE SERMON, now is the perfect time to pick it up (digitally speaking)! Kindle have selected it to be part of their Autumn Sale, which means that it will be only £1.49 until 9th November.

Download your copy of the Kindle edition here – and if you’d like more regular updates about my writing, don’t forget to also follow me on twitter.